Student Clubs

The Pan African Scholars Environmental Alliance (PASEA) was born out of the passion to unite Pan African scholars for resilient environment and sustainable development. PASEA came into existence as a step beyond classroom and to create nexus between research/innovations and advocacy/undertakings.

It is widely known that Africa is one of the most vulnerable continents to climate change and other environmental hazards. The aim of this group therefore is to apply our knowledge and professionalism in combating climate change, surmount other critical environmental challenges, and promote sustainable development in our communities, cities, countries and continent – Africa. It also seeks to create green synergies, eco-efficient and effective utilization of natural resources for sustainable development and self-sustenance.

Our Vision

Building a resilient and sustainable Africa and a generation of self-sufficient African scholars who would make sustainability a way of life.

Our Mission

Ingeniously promote environmental management and sustainable development through networking, research, innovation, advocacy and projects in Africa.


  • To build a robust network of African scholars passionately pursuing sustainable environmental management and development.
  • To promote scholarly, relevant and demand driven solutions to environmental challenges.
  • To combat climate change and create adaptation strategies to reduce disaster risks.
  • To foster and advocate a resilient, clean and green environment in Africa.
  • To promote introduction of Environmental studies in primary and secondary schools curriculum.
  • To advocate and promote the sustainable development goals and partnerships for the global goals.

To make environmental management more marketable by raising new generation ideology, capacity, entrepreneurs and professionals.



PAULESI Health Club was launched by the 2018/2019 set. We are a group of students mainly in Master and PhD programs in Reproductive Health Sciences with the main goal of promoting a healthy community (students) in general through health campaigns and awareness programs. As health professionals, we deemed it fit to put our knowledge to use for the service of our immediate community. The objectives of the club is intended to be sustained by the future PAULESI sets. The club activities are being carried out with the financial contribution of each member of the club.

 Some of the notable activities organized by the club:

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar
  • COVID-19 Sensitization and Awareness Program

Community Outreach

  • Negotiating with the Student Hall management to set up COVID-19 Safety protocols.
  • First Aid Service to sick students and other community members

The Future

We intend to involve other external partners in Ibadan community to promote and maintain community health, as this directly affects the health of the students.