Women scientists are undoubtedly making giant strides globally. Despite their ground-
breaking discoveries and excellent career achievements, women still represent a minority
group of researchers globally, and even less recognized are women scientists in Africa.
As part of strategies by the African Union to improve the welfare and recognition of women
on the continent, the PAU institutes have a mandate of gender inclusivity in all their
programmes and operations. Particularly, PAUSTI as an institute, is very keen about gender
balance in all its operations. Each year, the Institute opens its doors to women from all over
Africa without discrimination.
PAUSTI provides an excellent developmental platform for women in STEM by allowing
them to thrive, dare to dream and be supported towards the actualization of these dreams. The
institute is also very intentional about building leadership capacity in women by ensuring that
student leadership positions are also occupied by females alongside their male counterparts.
The Institute provides adequate support needed by its women to balance academic/research
responsibilities and womanhood.
Evidently, PAUSTI actively supports the mission to achieving true gender equality in science
and equally giving due opportunities to women scientists in Africa.