The most common form of student accommodation is in the student residences (cité). This accommodation is provided by the Algerian State and PAUWES for the first year of your studies. In the places of residence students are provided with equipped and furnished modern single rooms with common bathroom facilities. The water and electricity supply is reliable and free of charge. Algeria uses the French electricity system – if that is different from what you have in your country, it’s advisable to buy plug adapters for proper usage. 

In every residence is a qualified doctor to handle minor health problems or for medical consultations. A wide range of sports is offered in the residences, such as football, basketball, handball and indoor games such as pool, table tennis, gymnastics and chess. Indoor games can be played in the Salle de Sport every day of the week. Sports competitions are regularly organised especially amongst different residences. For those who aren’t so keen on sport: There is free wifi and a TV room. Note: Female and male students do live in separate residences.