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As the international community observes World Intellectual Property Day, a day that aims to raise awareness of the impact of patents and copyright, and which also celebrates the creativity and contribution of creators and innovators to the development of society, the Pan African University (PAU) is not left out. 

With a vision of becoming a world-class university, PAU trains many young Africans who stand out for innovation and creativity, especially in their research work, which makes significant contributions to the advancement of science. During the period 2012-2021, PAU students and staff published about 600 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals.
In addition, the research work of many students at the Pan African University Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation (PAUSTI) has been awarded patents. For example, the student Nwagbogu Judith was granted a patent for her invention on the "Azadirachtaindica Bark Extract Silver Nanoparticle Anticancer Formulation" while Bara Fagdéba David developed an invention on "Combination Therapies for Treatment of Multidrug-Resistant Malaria Parasites and Method Thereof". A total of 9 PAUSTI students have developed innovative and useful patented inventions in the fields of health and agriculture.
In order to harness this research and encourage its students to research and innovate, the Pan African University has launched since 2020 a flagship programme dubbed PAU Innovation Challenge. It is a competition that brings together students and alumni of the University in which they demonstrate their creativity and innovation to address current technological and societal challenges on the continent. The idea behind this initiative is to train not only job seekers, but more job creators. At the end of the competition, the first three projects selected by the jury receive prizes ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 USD. 
In addition, the University encourages and facilitates the participation of its students in numerous international competitions on technological innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. On several occasions, PAU students were awarded prizes for their innovative and promising projects. For instance, in 2018, the international competition “Schneider ElectricGo Green in City” was won by two students from the Pan African University Institute for Water and energy Sciences including climate Change (PAUWES), namely: Tariro Cynthia Mutsindikwa and Zvirevo Chisadza.
The Pan-African University is therefore firmly committed to the transformation of the continent through scientific and technological creation and innovation. 

Chancelle Bilampassi Moutsatsi