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Start date
12.12.2019 - 07:00
End date
12.12.2019 - 20:00
Pan African University’s Outreach Partners’ Forum

What:Pan African University’s Outreach Partners’ Forum, side event of the Third Ordinary Session of the Specialized Technical Committee Meeting on Education, Science and Technology (STC-EST)

When:12th December 2019

Where:Premises of the African Union, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


  • STC EST members
  • African Union Commission,
  • PAU Council, Strategic Planning Committee, Host Universities and Rectorate
  • PAU Students and Alumni
  • PAU Key and Thematic Partners
  • African and international higher education and research Institutions
  • International partners and multilateral organisations
  • Development banks and agencies
  • Foundations and private sector representatives


  • Share information about the Strategic Plan and latest PAU developments 
  • Exchange on the needs and reforms of the African higher education and research landscape and the role model PAU could be in this context
  • Outreach to Member States, partners and stakeholders and discuss their support to PAU.

Through the Pan African University’s Outreach Partners’ Forum, PAU and the Human Resources, Science and Technology Department (HRST) are aiming to achieve the following goals:

•           Disseminate the Strategic Plan and inform about the development of PAU;

•           Engage in networking activities and exchange among PAU’s partners;

•           Initiate new partnerships and mobilize expertise and resources to successfully implement the Strategic Plan.

In fact, partnering with PAU may offer great advantages for industry, businesses, and community organizations. It is an access to a unique breadth of knowledge and experience along with highly skilled research expertise. PAU ambition to become a rich resource game-changing technological breakthroughs, and would like its institutes to be incubators of new knowledge, discoveries, and innovations. The challenge is to make these innovations possible and accessible to industry, business and policies makers for The Africa We Want.

For youth who usually thirst to impact Africa, strong and diversified partnerships with PAU will facilitate their access knowledge, equipment, expertise and funding that may not be available elsewhere. Smaller groups of students from all over the continent can pool their efforts and resources to tackle bigger continental challenges.

The Pan African University’s Outreach Partners’ Forum is consequently a platform for higher education stakeholders to learn more about PAU’s developments and the main aspects of the Strategic Plan and find out more about the potential for further cooperation. PAU would like interested partners to take an active role in shaping and contributing to this Africa’s flagship initiative. Existing partners of the Pan African University will have the opportunity to visualize the progress and to further integrate their support within the framework of the Strategic Plan.


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