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Africa Day Celebrations at PAUWES

|   PAU

On May 25th, 2019, the Pan African University, Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (including Climate Change) organized the AFRICA DAY Celebration.

Africa Day is an annual commemoration of the African Union (then known as the Organisation of African Unity). Today, the Africa Union celebrates it as the Africa Day on the 25th of May every year. 

This event gives sharp clarity and definition to Pan-Africanism, the total liberation and unification of Africa under scientific socialism. The Conference called for the founding of African Day, a day to, “mark each year the onward progress of the liberation movement, and to symbolize the determination of the People of Africa to free themselves from foreign domination and exploitation.” 

Today, Africa Day (AD) is a permanent mass institution in the world-wide Pan-African movement. As an institution, it is stronger today because the masses of African people are stronger and Africa Day is our day. It is a day to reaffirm our commitment to Pan-Africanism. 

The Africa Day theme for 2019 is “The role of youth in uniting Africa – A tool for achieving the Africa Agenda 2063”. 

Prof. Abdellatif zerga opened the Ceremony with a speech highlighting that PAUWES is united in her diversity, “We are proud today of the Pan African University as a symbol of Africa United” . Then he carried sayin: “Very happy that we are here at PAUWES, Algeria, Africa to celebrate the Africa Day 2019. Proud about this cohort and commitment that you brought to our institute, interacting with our partners GIZ and PAUWES staff. Let’s celebrate our unity and diversity”. 

Several Activities was played during this celebration, students presented poems and games in line with the Africa Day theme. Prof Atanga Lilian made a presentation on How to make education entrepreneurial?where she called the audience not to waste time saying : “We shouldn’t wait for over 40 years to meet the Africa we want”. Also, the Guest Prof . Amel Yousfi from University of Tlemcen also presented the story and the formation of Africa day, focusing on the fact that Youth have an important role in Africa’s transformation. However, the youth faces various range of challenges. As a solution, Youth needs to be visible and active in the various spaces and levels. 

Prof. Zerga, the Director of PAUWES closed the event by adopting the idea proposed of one student Asma Bouamrane of creating an Association Watoto Africa which has a purpose of giving to Arican children access to Education. 

A family photo ended the festivities.