1.0 Preamble

The Masters in Governance and Regional Integration seeks to train expertise for successful execution of the ideals of good governance in a well-integrated African Continent. The programme will provide and develop a more comprehensive perspective on Governanceand Regional Integrationthrough a deeper understanding of the theory, research and practice of the varied disciplines that link to and focus on the ideals of good governance and Regional Integration. This comprehensive perspective will allow students to more effectively manage and apply the ideals of good governance for a more integrated African Continent.

This Masters programme also aims to create specialist expertise that is intended for students looking for a better understanding of Governance and Regional Integration and how to work and deal with challenges for development in their present or future careers. 

2.0 Objectives

The programme is intended at: 

  • Providing a broad-based curriculum that gives a well-rounded grasp of the subjects of governance and regional integration.

Finding solutions to challenges that confront professionals, public servants, governments and regional communities, the private sector and civil society in the fields of governance and regional integration

  •  To provide an interdisciplinary approach to the study and practice of governance and regional integration.
  • To equip learners with an understanding of the dynamics and developments of good governance and regional integration.
  • To provide learners with an excellent understanding of African Culture and History
  • To educate learners in Pan African values, critical for African Unity and development.

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