PAUWES is hosted by the Abou Bakr Belkaïd University of Tlemcen. Founded in 1989, it is one of Algeria’s premier universities, offering extensive infrastructure for modern learning. It accommodates approximately 42,000 student, with eight faculties and two schools for science, and technology and economic science. 

The university has campuses in different parts of the city:

  • the city centre
  • Imama
  • Kiffane
  • Bel-Horizon
  • the new pôle (La Rocade) 
  • Chetouane
  • In addition, Maghnia, a town located 40 km west of Tlemcen, hosts a campus of the university.

PAUWES is located on the campuses in Chetouane and La Rocade.


The city of Tlemcen is situated in the northwest of Algeria, close to the Moroccan border and approximately 60 kilometres away from the Mediterranean Sea. Its name derives from the Berber word for ‘water spring‘. Its pleasant climate and Mediterranean flair, proximity to the sea, and cultural diversity makes it an attractive city for visitors. Centuries of rich history and culture have made the city a centre of a unique blend of music and art. Tlemcen’s textiles and handicrafts, its elegant blend of Arabic, Islamic, Berber, and Andalusian cultures, and its cool climate in the mountains have made it an important centre for tourism in Algeria. In 2011, Tlemcen was the capital of Islamic Culture.