Our Institute is convinced of the strategic importance of African entrepreneurship. The most important business opportunities of the coming decade will be created by Africans who create businesses, generate jobs and wealth and seize opportunities for growth. 

For this, we implement a strategy to develop entrepreneurial perception among our students, through theoretical and practical actions. 

PAUWES Career services 

Career Services Unit at PAUWES is a comprehensive career counseling and resource center designed to engage students as active participants in their career development from their very first day at PAUWES through alumni. 

The central purpose of Career Services is to support PAUWES students in their transition from students to change makers as well as become a trusted partner to a diverse and strong network of employers and preparing them to pursue meaningful careers and lives so they can make their own unique marks on Africa and the world. 

PAUWES Career Services helps students explore possibilities and develop a powerful personal brand. Empower students to be employed in public, private and academic sectors in relevant jobs in the areas of Water, Energy and Climate Change or start their own enterprises upon graduating. 

We intensively make use of our employers, alumni and faculty network to facilitate meaningful partnerships that position students for success in their careers and their communities. 

At PAUWES Career Services, we believe...

  • that PAUWES offers graduate students access to leading academic research and the latest theoretical and hands-on training in areas vital to the future of African development  water, energy and the challenge of climate change. 
  • that secure water supply and innovative energy sources are of vital importance for the future of sustainable growth on the African continent, PAUWES is seeking to train a new generation of highly educated, well-trained students, who are committed to this goal. 
  • in PAUWES students and alumni and in their potential to have successful, fulfilling careers and to have the capabilities to be change makers for a better Africa. 
  • that PAUWES Competencies Framework based on Curricula and Extra Curricula activities provides students with the knowledge, skills and hand-on experiences to succeed in a continually changing workplace.   
  • that our main partners: employers, alumni and faculty provide meaningful experiences, academic and industry knowledge that can help us to enhance and update our curriculum and strengthen PAUWES professional network of public, private and civil society actors. 
  • that science and technology are essential for the rapid development of Africa and that policy issues are a key element for the training of intelligent young Africans leaders in fields of key importance to African development.