Internships are an integral part of the degree you will obtain at PAUWES. PAUWES internship program is an important vehicle to advance your skills and professionalism towards achieving your desired future career. It consists of two internships, the Summer (also called career) Internship, you do it during your summer break (at the end of first year master) and the Research Internship (also called data collection Internship) at you do it at the beginning of your Master Thesis (MT) in fourth semester. 

During the Summer Internship you can test and apply the skills that you acquired during your studies in a real-life situation and tailor these to the specific field you have chosen. This experience will help you to narrow down your job preferences and define your professional profile. 

The Research Internship will allow you to collect data on-site for your MT (find case studies, conduct interviews, take measurements or perform experiments, etc.). It provides you with the opportunity to get to know your research subject personally, or allows you to work directly with your supervisor at his/her workplace. 

PAUWES internship program provides various channels for support. However, you (yourself) are responsible for securing a placement and fulfilling all requirements to successfully complete an internship. 

Goals and Objectives of the PAUWES Internship Programme

For students the internship is a chance to … 

  • deep dive into the world of work and explore different career options 

  • gain professional experience and soft skills needed for employment 

  • network with professionals and researchers 

  • develop new in-depth knowledge in your chosen field of interest 

For employers the internship is an opportunity to … 

  • access students with specific knowledge in the field of business of the employer 

  • get fresh ideas, new techniques and technologies into the company 

  • evaluate a potential future employee and create a “pipeline of candidates” 


Summer Internship   

As a PAUWES student you have been carefully selected to be a leader in shaping the development of the African continent. The summer Internship is a substantial medium in advancing your skills in areas relevant to the fast and sustainable development in Africa. It is an opportunity to acquire real-world work experience in research, public or private organizations across Africa and the globe. 


This 8 week minimum internship during the summer break (after semester 2) will help you orientate amongst the multitude of career paths open to PAUWES graduates. It is your opportunity to try out what it´s like to work in a company, government agency, research institute, start-up, public organization, NGO or any other organization-type that interests you for your future career. During this period, you will acquire professional skills that will enhance your employability while gaining work experience that will help you to make your next career move. Training on-the-job is highly valued by (future) employers as it provides you with the opportunity to practice problem-solving and work in a result-oriented manner, thereby preparing you for the real world work challenges. 

  • When : during summer break, after semester 2 

  • Duration : minimum 8 weeks, maximum 3 months 

  • Goal : work experience and career orientation, acquire professional skills, enhance your employability, build and strengthen your personal network 

  • Location: companies, research institutes, government agencies, NGOs etc. in Africa and abroad 

  • Voluntary but highly recommended PAU made it mandatory starting in 2020 according to it 2020-2024 strategic plan 

  • You will find a supervisor at your host organization 

Primary purposes are to get training on-the-job, apply theoretical expertise in a practical setting and experience professional environments outside of the classroom. During this period, you will acquire professional skills that will enhance your employability and will endow you with experiences that will be valuable throughout your future career. 


You will learn: 

  • To evaluate your own expertise in a specific field within your sector 

  • To find out where your professional talent and skills lie: Are you an innovative new product developer, or an analytical and thorough controller of production processes? 

  • To identify which professional environment fits you best: large structured corporations, small flexible start-ups, NGOs dedicated to direct impact, or governments working towards changing policy? 

  • To experience what it means to work effectively in a team and under supervision 

  • To present your skills and ideas to a professional audience to test and improve yourself 

  • To get to know new markets in Africa outside of your home country 

  • To expand your professional network with contacts beyond university