Master of Science in Energy Engineering

The Master of Science in Energy Engineering is open to all candidates with a disciplinary background in any scientific field that included courses related to energy (physics, thermodynamics, solar, environment, climate, etc.), or any other field related to energy. Candidates should have a Bachelor degree or equivalent, or a Master degree from a renowned institution, and they will be selected by an international selection committee in a highly competitive process.  

PAUWES Master in Energy Engineering aims to give a practical and academic training in advanced areas of energy and its management in a vision of sustainable development.  This training can provide all the information needed to monitor this field of knowledge. It also gives the ability to operate, exploit, maintain and save various energy systems, including renewable energy, calculation and dimensioning of those systems. Furthermore, this training is aimed at both students motivated by research and development projects in the energy sector including those wishing to pursue doctoral studies, and to students interested in the industrial and other employment sectors.