Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club

The PAUSTI Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club (PEIC) aims to produce the next generation of African social entrepreneurs and innovators whose ideas can be tapped to manage Africa’s socio-economic challenges.

One of the club founders, Oluwafemi Awoyera, noted that despite the students having many creative ideas; there was no platform to help incubate the ideas into bankable business ideas.

“The club gives the students an opportunity to collaborate, and create products that can inject social impact in our communities,” Awoyera who studies electrical engineering said.

Through PEIC, PAUSTI students would also engage in community service and outreach. The club also empower members with skills in key areas such as leadership, marketing, customer relations.

Ultimately, the club hopes to make a contribution to the persistent problem of unemployment in Africa by producing entrepreneurs who can create job opportunities and wealth in the continent.