The PAU is a research-rich environment. All programmes are graduate programmes that majorly focus on research for the development of the Africa. There are five PAU institutes and each Institute has centres with a strong research emphasis. The thematic areas of the PAU project draw on expertise across Africa. Linkages are being established between the PAU and Industry players for student absorption and commercialization of research innovations.

Research at the PAU has an international dimension. The PAU’s major network of international partners ensures a flow of students and eminent scholars from other countries to enrich the research environment. Some major projects will be undertaken jointly with partners abroad and across Africa. The goal is to have many PAU scholars speak at international conferences and publish in internationally-respected journals and books. PAU is creating a strong relationship with institutions in other countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and America, leading to research partnerships, joint capacity building, and a flow of postgraduate students to PAU.