One of the major professional fields that can facilitate technological innovations for Africa’s transformation is mechanical engineering which is one of the most diversified and dynamically evolving engineering disciplines.   Mechanical engineers design and build machines, systems and devices that enable humans to live and work on the ground, in space, in the air and under water.  Their machines can extend our physical capabilities, improve our health and standard of living, and impact the environment in which we live.  Much of what all engineers can or cannot do depends on the materials that are available for their tasks.  Thus, mechanical engineers are also involved in studying and modifying not only mechanical properties, but also chemical and electrical properties to develop new applications possible.  Almost every aspect of our modern world is in some way a product of mechanical engineering, from power stations and oil refineries to steel plants and manufacturing industries.

This graduate programme of Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering is designed to produce a mechanical engineering professional, who is an innovator and has managerial skills for social and economic transformation of Africa.   In addition, the programme is de- signed to produce graduates with the ability to pursue independent research and scholarly work.  The courses offered are tailored to meet the requirements for the industries and institutions for Africa’s long term development for economic growth.   Through this programme, employees from industries, state corporations, and public/private universities across Africa will be trained.

The graduate program mixes engineering practice with analysis, and addresses the following critical broad areas of emphasis in mechanical engineering:   Applied mechanics, materials engineering, thermal engineering, fluid engineering, energy systems, industrial engineering, production engineering and engineering product design.  Therefore, this programme of Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, will be offered in any of the following specialized areas of mechanical engineering:

Aims and Objectives

The aim of this programme is to produce qualified Mechanical Engineers with specialized technical, managerial, research and innovative skills. The objectives of the Master of Science programme in Mechanical Engineering are:

  1. To provide the students with an understanding of the advanced engineering tools and concepts that apply to mechanical engineering.
  2. To prepare the student to perform independent research in the area of mechanical engineering.
  3. To prepare students to practice engineering at an advanced level
  4. To prepare students to pursue doctoral studies in mechanical engineering or a related field. (e)  To develop student’s communication skills and professionalism.
  5. To develop the student’s managerial and leadership skills necessary for managing engineering projects and firms.
  6. To equip the students with design, innovative and entrepreneurship skills for development of home-grown solutions to Africa’s problems.