Pan African University Alumni Association (PAUAA)

In the first Pan African University Senate meeting held in Addis Ababa from May 3rd-4th, 2017, (PAU/SM/R/01/2017), the Senate adopted a resolution to establish a Pan African University Alumni Association.

The first General Assembly meeting of the Pan African University Alumni Association was called on December 12-13th, 2017, for the purpose of validating the PAU Alumni constitution and to establish the PAUAA Executives. The meeting involved representatives of PAU graduates (5 from each Institute) and relevant PAU stakeholders.

The objectives of the Alumni Association are to:

  1. Unite and foster friendly relations among graduates of the PAU;
  2. Guarantee graduates the support of their former schoolmates;
  3. Involve its members in the development of the PAU including funds raising;
  4. Facilitate job seeking, research activities and internships placement;
  5. Maintain relations with other student Alumni Associations;
  6. Conduct reflections on the development problems in Africa through the organisation of Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and other related gatherings;
  7. Publish newsletters, magazines, periodicals in order to disseminate information on these activities and on the events of the PAU;
  8. Meet all other forms of requests by the graduates of the PAU.


Inaugural Executive Bureau of the PAU Alumni Association

  1. President - Valentine Oshotse Eleta (PAULESI, West Africa)
  2. Vice President - Rehema Khimulu (PAUWES, Northern Africa)
  3. Treasurer - Nathalie Mawo Suliy (PAUSTI, East Africa)
  4. Secretary General - Gavamukulya Yahaya (PAUSTI, East Africa)
  5. Assistant Secretary General - Nabil Khorchani (PAUWES, Northern Africa)
  6. Finance Secretary - Isaac Kodzo Amegbor (PAULESI, West Africa)
  7. Communications Officer - Katia Gilda Rafael Bernardo (PAUGHSS, Central Africa)
  8. Public Relations Officer - Sakah Bernard (PAUGHSS, Central Africa)
  9. Internal Auditor - Mitschelle Akoth Onyango (PAULESI, West Africa)