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Field trip to CHI Farms at Oluyole, Ibadan on 20th July, 2022 by PAULESI Students of Veterinary Medicine Department

Sixteen students of the Veterinary Medicine programme (Avian Medicine and Vaccine Production & Quality Control options) went on a field trip to Chi farms - a poultry farm providing parent stock of layer and broiler lines for other hatcheries and laboratory services to customers. The objective of this visit was to familiarize the students with practical work while showing them the operations of the poultry industry and introducing them to laboratory diagnostic techniques.

Upon arrival at CHI Farms, Dr. Abiodun Okanlawon, the Supervisor warmly welcomed the students and gave an overview of the biosecurity practices and the activities conducted in the various laboratories. Following the introduction, all students were directed to put on an appropriate personal protective equipment and to also disinfect the soles of their shoes as a mandatory biosecurity practice. 

The first section visited was the Microbiology laboratory where sample collection and antibiotic sensitivity tests are usually carried out was demonstrated to the students. The Necropsy room was also visited and the attending pathologist demonstrated the necropsy process on birds brought in for post-mortem examinations to ascertain the cause of death. The final stop was at the Serology laboratory where quality control of vaccines is usually conducted to ensure that vaccines are administered appropriately and drugs work efficiently.

The field trip was successful as the students were exposed to the different activities conducted in the laboratory and they look forward to future trips.