Student Clubs

The Pan African Scholars Environmental Alliance (PASEA) was born out of the passion to unite Pan African scholars for resilient environment and sustainable development. PASEA came into existence as a step beyond classroom and to create nexus between research/innovations and advocacy/undertakings.

It is widely known that Africa is one of the most vulnerable continents to climate change and other environmental hazards. The aim of this group therefore is to apply our knowledge and professionalism in combating climate change, surmount other critical environmental challenges, and promote sustainable development in our communities, cities, countries and continent – Africa. It also seeks to create green synergies, eco-efficient and effective utilization of natural resources for sustainable development and self-sustenance.

Our Vision

Building a resilient and sustainable Africa and a generation of self-sufficient African scholars who would make sustainability a way of life.

Our Mission

Ingeniously promote environmental management and sustainable development through networking, research, innovation, advocacy and projects in Africa.


  • To build a robust network of African scholars passionately pursuing sustainable environmental management and development.
  • To promote scholarly, relevant and demand driven solutions to environmental challenges.
  • To combat climate change and create adaptation strategies to reduce disaster risks.
  • To foster and advocate a resilient, clean and green environment in Africa.
  • To promote introduction of Environmental studies in primary and secondary schools curriculum.
  • To advocate and promote the sustainable development goals and partnerships for the global goals.

To make environmental management more marketable by raising new generation ideology, capacity, entrepreneurs and professionals.



PAULESI Health Club was launched by the 2018/2019 set. We are a group of students mainly in Master and PhD programs in Reproductive Health Sciences with the main goal of promoting a healthy community (students) in general through health campaigns and awareness programs. As health professionals, we deemed it fit to put our knowledge to use for the service of our immediate community. The objectives of the club is intended to be sustained by the future PAULESI sets. The club activities are being carried out with the financial contribution of each member of the club.

 Some of the notable activities organized by the club:

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar
  • COVID-19 Sensitization and Awareness Program

Community Outreach

  • Negotiating with the Student Hall management to set up COVID-19 Safety protocols.
  • First Aid Service to sick students and other community members

The Future

We intend to involve other external partners in Ibadan community to promote and maintain community health, as this directly affects the health of the students.


PAULESI, Sports and Exercise Club

The Sports and Exercise club was established in October, 2019 at the Universities dormitories, in Ibadan. The main objectives of the club are:

  1. To maintain the overall health of the students. This is achieved through control of body weight, having a better sleep and regulation of oxygen and nutrients delivery to the body. Exercising and sports is also aimed at controlling of non-communicable diseases that could be hazardous to the students in the long run


  1. To provide opportunity for socialization among students. With the Universities dormitories housing students from all around Africa, with different cultures, and languages, the exercise sessions allows interactions and meeting new faces in a relaxed environment.



  1. To make students happier in a fun environment. The students that come from different countries might find living in Nigeria challenging. With the endorphins that are released during exercise sessions, it helps students cope with stress and ensure students live a happy life whilst pursuing their careers.

The club is mainly led by students from the Sports Science department who have the necessary expertise to ensure the integration of everyone into the activities. The club organizes exercise and sporting sessions every Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 6am to 7 am.



African Union Chapter, is an organization established to operate independently with the youth arm of the African Union (AU); helping to promote the goals, values, and ideas of the union and her youths to the rest of the world. It was founded by Khutso Evelyn Modiselle and Tracy Wamucii in November 2014. It was established as a platform for youth participation and continuation of good leadership that will bring about accountability in building the Africa of our dreams, in accordance to vision 2063.

In 2016, AU Chapter established about 50 clubs across different African countries. That same year, AU Club kick-started in Nigeria with a team led by Elijah Akintunde. It operates in Nigeria as a Chapter through the Pan African University, Life and Earth Sciences (Including Health and Agriculture) Institute, otherwise known as PAULESI domiciled at the University of Ibadan with a community of students from various African countries. The 50 clubs were established with the aim of providing guidance, promoting the development and transferring relevant skills to African youths to make them globally competitive. However, most of the chapters are currently inactive due to withdrawal of partners funding, while the PAULESI chapter remains the most active with the highest number of members, being kept operational by members’ dues. African Union Club, PAULESI chapter can boast of over 150 members since creation. It is currently headed by Olusegun John Olojede (Nigeria) with other 6 executive members, with active participation of about 70 students within the institute. Other members of the executive of AU Club PAULESI are Fatima Alzahra Khalid Ali Tahir, Vice President (Sudan); Camel G Fassinou, General Secretary (Benin republic); George Kofi Owusu, Financial Secretary (Ghana); Juliet Otiku, Assistant Secretary (Kenya), Pascal J. Ahouanvoegbe, Organising secretary (Benin republic); and Selassie Ahiatrogah, Assistant Organising Secretary (Ghana).


Our vision as the African Union club is to promote Pan-Africanism, integrated and holistic youth development policies and projects for a sustainable and productive future for the youth in Africa’s higher education system


To demystify the perception of Africa as the “Dark Continent” and to promote Pan-Africanism in the global arena driven by its own citizens.

Objectives and Activities:

In order to achieve are vision, the African Union Club, PAULESI has 3 objectives which informs our activities:

1. To promote African Values and Culture: Done through tours, Festivals, movies, sports and cultural night activities,

2. Community Development: In order to transform our immediate environment and leave our names in the sand of time, the African Union club carries out outreaches, donations, sanitations and empowerment programs to the vulnerable groups in the society and,

3. Capacity Building: Our members get to improve their abilities and capacities through our various workshops, seminars and symposiums.

Other Benefits to Members

  1. Free academic workshop and empowerments seminars
  2. Souvenirs
  3. Intellectual Discourse for policy development
  4. Promote leadership skills
  5. Networking
  6. Grants and scholarships information

Projects so far

Some of the annual activities of the club usually include academic and research seminar, where members are empowered with relevant research skills such as data analysis, search optimization and referencing; environmental sanitation/market sensitization programs, which involves the tradition of sensitizing the residents of the host communities about environmental issues, cleaning of the environment by the students, and interactive sessions with the residents; sport and degreasing sessions with activities such as warm-up and stretching exercises, Tug-of-War, skipping, marathon, sprint, relay, and football match; and cultural and award night, which enables citizens from the various countries which make up the Club showcase elements of their culture, tradition, and history. It usually creates an avenue for the members to know more about other countries on the African Continent, and to interact more in a relaxed environment, after which graduating members are presented with plaques and certificates.

Some of the activities of this current executive tenure include:

1. Welcome program for new students and 3 days support of free wi-fi upon their arrival

2. African Food festival

3. Orphanage Outreach visit to CHIPROM

4. Training/Workshops: Advance literature search, effective writing and Manuscript writing

5. Tour: Lagos tour trip

6. Entertainments - movie and game night

7. Celebrating nature/environment on World Wetland Day in partnership with world wetland network

8. Webinar on: Project management, data analysis and digital marketing

Further Plans

  1. Update and amendment of the club’s constitution
  2. Constituting an advisory board
  3. Developing the club’s website
  4. School and community outreach