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NoTitle of the PublicationName of the StudentPublication/Journal/ConferenceMonth of PublicationLink
1.Community perspectives on natural gas management in TanzaniaObadia Bishoge and Benatus Nobert MvileEnergy and EnvironmentJanuary, 2022
2.A critique of the EIA Report selected from the East African region, taking into consideration what is required in an ideal of EIA ReportObadia Bishoge and Benatus Nobert MvileJournal of Applied and Advanced ResearchMarch, 2022
3Detection of historical landscape changes in Lake Victoria Basin, Kenya, using remote sensing multi-spectral indicesDancan O. OnyangoWatershed Ecology and the EnvironmentJanuary, 2022
4Baseline study of growers’ constraints in the production of apple (Malus domestica) in Plateau State NigeriaE. A. AkintundeAgriculture & Food SecurityMarch 2022
5Barriers and adaptation strategies to climate change among farming households in Guinea SavannaDemba Aïssata SamouraJournal of Applied and Natural ScienceJuly 2022
6Factors that Influence Individual and Community Behavioural Change Regarding Environmental HealthObadia BishogeJournal of Health ResearchJuly 2022
7Sanitation and hygiene practices of secondary school students from Mtwara town in TanzaniaObadia BishogeInternational Journal of Health Promotion and EducationJune, 2022

8Students’ perceptions of the nature and magnitude of environmental health concerns in Mtwara town, TanzaniaObadia BishogeEnvironmental Quality ManagementJuly, 2022
9Farmers' perceptions of climate change and its impact on gum Talha (Acacia seyal var. seyal) production in Bahar Alarab locality, East Darfur State, SudanAhmed YounisJournal of Applied and Natural Science  May, 2022
10Effectiveness of biochar filters vegetated with Echinochloa pyramidalis in domestic wastewater treatmentEdna Buhnyuy Visiy  Water Science & TechnologyMay, 2022
11Assessment of land use and land cover change on Gum Talha (Acacia seyal var. seyal) forest in Bahar Alarab, SudanAhmed YounisBIODIVERSITAS Volume 23, Number 9September, 2022
12Impact of the application of biochar previously used in domestic wastewater treatment on the growth of lettuce (Lactuca sativa)Edna Buhnyuy VisiyJournal of Applied and Natural ScienceAugust, 2022
13Optimisation of Biochar Yield from Sorted Wood Wastes as Sustainable Alternatives to Burning to AshSimilade Adeolu ADEODUNEcological Chemistry and Engineering S,29(1): 15-26. SciendoApril, 2022
14Meteorological and Air Pollution Assessment from Road Use and Construction in the Eastern and Greater Accra Regions of GhanaEVANS BOTCHWAY GHANNEYJournal of Environment and Health SciencesMarch, 2022


15Microbial Enzymes of Wastewater and Sludge.A. T. AweIn: Ecological Interplays in Microbial Enzymology.   Springer, Singapore.November, 2022
16Biotransformation of organic wastes through composting using Trichoderma harzianum and its effects on cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) yield  Abasiama S Umoren  International Journal of Recycling of Organic Waste in Agriculture  December, 2022
17Progress and challenges of Guinea’s national service of risk management in building climate-induced disasters’ resilience in Guinea Savanna communitiesDemba Aïssata SamouraJournal of Applied and Natural Science3 December, 2022