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PAULESI 2022 Graduation Ceremony

Pearl Ama Ndo, Granted the Best Graduating Student Award

The brilliant female student was awarded the prize during the PAULESI 2022 Graduation Ceremony in Ibadan, Nigeria. Her performance was given a standing ovation during a highly attended special post-graduation event organized by PAULESI Executive Management on 17 November, in honor of its graduands. 
Other certificates of service and certificates for excellence were equally issued to other outstanding students. Deputy Director, Dr. Michael Adeyinka Oladunjoye, received an Award of Excellence in Leadership for his unwavering support to PAULESI students.

Congratulating graduands on on the successful completion of their academic programme, PAU Council President, Prof. Kenneth Matengu, urged them to continue to be worthy ambassadors of the Institute and great representatives of the African continent as they return to their respective countries or wherever they might find themselves. He added that they should not relent in their pursuit of excellence and keep furthering their goals and achieve great things in life.

The graduands were inducted into PAULESI Alumni Association by Prof. Matengu who led them in reciting the Oath of Allegiance. In addition, the newly appointed transition executives of the association were also inaugurated by the PAU Council President as they took the Oath of Office.
The recently concluded graduation ceremony of MSc and PhD PAULESI students took place on 16 and 17 November, 2022 respectively at the International Conference Center and University of Ibadan. 

Of the one hundred and four (104) graduands were seventy-seven Masters with a total of twenty-seven (27) females and fifty (50) males, and twenty-seven Ph.D. graduating students with a total of five (5) females and twenty-two (22) males. 

At the event, was also a rich display of culture and heritage displayed in the cultural dance performed by the 2021/2022 PAULESI students to entertain the guests present.