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To further educate and engage students by showcasing and explaining some concepts and innovation, the annual Science week was organized by the International School Ibadan (ISI), University of Ibadan on Wednesday, 28 February 2024. 

The Science Week is a yearly event organized by the school to give students a better understanding of the exciting world of science and technology while stimulating their curiosity and promoting science literacy.

At the 2024 ISI Science Week, the PAULESI Innovation Team exhibited the 3D Printer and an ECO-BIN. While demonstrating the 3D printing processes, the team explained how plastic wastes could be converted into filaments (one of the major material used in 3D printing) and the procedure involved in an ECO-BIN operation (an innovation developed by PAULESI Scholars). 

A G-clamp was made with the 3D printer for both the students and the teachers to see. The audience were indeed excited about this technology.
The event was an opportunity for the students to learn new things in science and research.