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The Pan African University is an institution of the African Union. As such, it is supported by the 55 Member States of the African Union.

The African Union Commission has a vital role in the development of the Pan African University. The Commissioner of Human Resources, Science and Technology is member of the Pan African University Council and represents the matters of the PAU within the structure of the African Union.

The Host Countries of the PAU provide pertinent support and partnership for the institutes of the PAU.

  • Algeria
  • Cameroon
  • Kenya
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa

Multilateral partners

  • African Development Bank (AFDB)
  • African Development Fund (ADF)

Lead Thematic partners

  • Germany (implemented by GIZ and KFW) (Germany)
  • Japan (implemented by JICA)

Germany, through GIZ and KfW, is providing technical and financial support to PAUWES as well as the PAU central steering structures. Japan through JICA is providing support to PAUSTI.

Other partners In the past, the PAU received support also from the European Union, the United States of America and Sweden.