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The PAU is a flagship institution of the African Union and operates under the Department of Human Resources, Sciences and Technology.

The structure of the PAU includes:

  • The Council
  • The Rectorate
  • The Senate
  • The Boards of the Institutes
  • The Directorates of the Institutes

    Interims Rector of the Pan African University

    Prof. Kassa Belay


    The PAU Council is the highest governing body of the university and has oversight of the policy, finances and property of the PAU. Unless otherwise provided in the Statute, the PAU council shall have authority to adopt regulations and to issue directives, policies and guidelines to govern all activities and operations of the PAU.

    The PAU Council:

    • Approves the recruitment, promotion and discipline of academic and research staff of the PAU;
    • Approves staff regulations and rules for the PAU, taking into account recommendations from the PAU Senate on the selection and recruitment of academic staff. PAU staff regulations and rules approved by the PAU Council shall be presented to the Executive Council for approval;
    • Approves Codes of Conduct for PAU staff and students following recommendations by the PAU Senate;
    • Approves all other PAU regulations, rules, measures directives, policies and procedures which shall govern the activities and operations of the PAU;
    • Promotes socio-cultural activities of the PAU;
    • Designates new centres of the PAU and institutions affiliated to the PAU as well as Programme Departments within the Institutes and Centres of the PAU in consultation with the PAU Senate and the corresponding organ of the host university concerned;
    • Approves work plans and adopt the budget of the PAU on the basis of proposals submitted to it by the Rector;
    • Considers the Rector’s annual activity report covering the work of the PAU and the status of implementation of its work plans;
    • Approves the multi-annual strategic development plan and operational plans of the PAU;
    • Approves any agreements, contracts and other arrangements of a legal nature to be signed by the Rector on behalf of the PAU;
    • Considers and approve the appointment of members of the PAU Senate nominated by the Rector;
    • Reports annually on the work of the PAU to the Assembly;