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A pan-African network of innovators and entrepreneurs contributing to a social, economic and
ecological transformation on the continent.


Contribute to the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Pan African University and Africa.

  1. Equip PAU students & staff with entrepreneurship skills and mindset

  2. Promote transformative research, education, innovation, and business start ups in PAU

  3. Facilitate entrepreneurial dialogue and knowledge transfer between PAU other initiatives.

Through the Pan African set-up with students from across the continent, the strong spirit of international cooperation, combined with technical, soft and language skills acquired in the study programmes, the PAU entrepreneurship hub has the potential to significantly contribute to innovations across borders, and the continued development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem on the continent. In doing so, the hub contributes to the implementation of the PAU strategy, especially towards the achievement of the PAU strategic plan’s objective 1.1: “PAU students are employed in public, private and academic sectors in relevant jobs in the areas of the study programmes or start their own enterprises upon graduating.”

Through the promotion of innovation, youth entrepreneurship and employment, the hub also supports the PAU’s contribution to achieving Africa’s Agenda 2063 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By bringing together stakeholders from different regions and sectors, fostering innovation and knowledge transfer, the hub furthermore contributes to the promotion of African integration, enhanced framework conditions for youth employment on the continent, as well as business developments beyond borders. In addition to pan-Africanism, the hub’s operations are guided by environmental and social sustainability, as well as gender equality and diversity.

The PAU entrepreneurship hub is hosted at the joint University of Tlemcen & PAU entrepreneurship centre and provide services to all PAU Institutes.