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In January 31, 2016 the revised Statute of the Pan African University was adopted. 

The AU Assembly had first adopted the Statutes of the Pan African University at its 20th ordinary session in January 2013. The Pan African University is an academic network of existing African institutions operating at graduate level. PAU is supported by the Association of African Universities. The PAU is expected to create high quality continental institutions to bridge the educational gap between Africa and other parts of the world and to promote innovative teaching, learning and research within Africa. PAU’s objectives include: developing continent-wide and world-class graduate and postgraduate programmes in science, technology, innovation, humanities and social sciences and governance; stimulating collaborative, internationally competitive, leading edge fundamental and economic growth-oriented research; and enhancing the mobility of students and academic staff among African universities to improve teaching and collaborative research. Article 14 of the PAU Statute provides for the establishment of an endowment fund based on voluntary contributions from AU Member States, Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and AU partners.

You can read the Pan African University Revised Statute in English, French and Portuguese here