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 As a continental initiative, the Pan African University encourages the youth from all the 55 African Union Member States to apply in order to ensure nationals from all AU Member States, including the youth from the Diaspora.

The Pan African University is committed to a strong focus on gender equity at all levels, the promotion of access for persons with disabilities and the respect of human rights. Diversity shall not only be mirrored in the representation of students and staff member from all African Union member states, it shall also be enshrined in a social inclusion policy and an organizational culture valuing diversity and inclusion. The PAU enrolment policy is in line with the AU policy promoting gender equality, which strongly encourages women to apply. In this light, the maximum age limit set for Master programmes is 30 years for male and 35 years for female applicants, while for Ph.D. programmes, the maximum age limit is 35 years for male and 40 years for female applicants.