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Within the framework of activities marking the African Union Youth Month (November), the Pan African University Institute of Basic Sciences, Technologies and Innovation (PAUSTI) organized a cultural jamboree on 1 December 2022, at the eve of the graduation ceremony, to conclude the activities carried out throughout the month of November, for the African youth.
For some years now, PAUSTI has been celebrating the African Youth Month in compliance with the AU theme of the year. This year, the theme selected is “ Breaking the Barriers To Meaningful Youth Participation and Inclusion in Advocacy”.
The cultural event organized today aimed at showcasing and exhibiting the rich cultural heritage of the homelands of PAUSTI students. In stands set up for this purpose, students presented delicacies from their countries, works of art, and even homegrown and manufactured coffee. 
This event also aimed at fostering African integration, gave the opportunity to students and PAU Rectorate staff headed by the Vice President of the PAU Council, Prof. Amany Abdallah El-Sharif, to discover the richness of African culture in general as all five regions of the continent were represented. Other activities included traditional dances and poetry.
Claudette Chancelle Bilampassi Moutsatsi,
PAU Communication Officer