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Working visit between the President of the PAU Council and the Commissioner for ESTI

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From 29 January to 4th February 2022, the President of the PAU council, Professor Kenneth KAMWI MATENGU carried out a mission to Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia, to inter alia, meet the Commissioner for Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (ESTI), Professor Mohammed Belhocine and the Department’s officers relevant to PAU’s operations.

It should be recalled that Prof. Matengu was elected and appointed by the Executive Council on its 39th session.  The virtual handing-over ceremony between him and his predecessor took place on 1st December 2021. The Commissioner for ESTI on his part, was elected in October last year, took oath on 17 January and effectively assumed duties on 21 January 2022.

The two high ranking officials had already met virtually on the occasion of the meeting of the Pan African University Council organized on 25 January. This was also their first working meeting in their new capacities.

Following the virtual PAU Council meeting, the President of the PAU Council decided to travel to Addis-Ababa to physically meet the Commissioner for ESTI for more productivity. He was accompanied by Dr. Gilles Ogandaga, PAU Senior Academic and Student Affairs Officer and Mr. Celestin Gouem, Senior Administration and Finance Officer, all working at the Rectorate of the Pan African University  

 The meeting aimed at discussing on the advancement of the PAU agenda, notably preserving successes, and ways to overcome challenges. An action plan was drawn with urgent actions to be carried out such as the operationalization of the 5th PAU institute, the Pan African University Institute for Space Sciences (PAUISS). The fast-tracked recruitment of a substantive Rector and Vice Rector at the Pan African University was another issue they dwelt on. In this regard, the Commissioner for ESTI took up the matter in order to reach to the competent authorities. 

From their respective academic backgrounds, the President of the PAU Council and the Commissioner or ESTI are resolute to put all their skills, knowledge and energy to advance the PAU Agenda and move the university to the next step.

The major outcome of this meeting was the Action Plan to be implemented at all levels by PAU officials and officers. One of its key points was the upcoming visit of the Commissioner to the various PAU institutes and officials from their Host Governments.

The president of the PAU Council also seized the opportunity of his trip to Addis-Ababa to take part in the 40th ordinary session of the AU Executive Council, which included on the agenda the election of the PAU Vice-President. A female candidate was elected to this position, in the person of Professor Amani Abdallah El-SHARIF from Egypt, who will replace Prof. Nthabiseng Audrey Ogude.

For further information please contact:

Ms. Claudette Chancelle BILAMPASSI MOUTSATSI| ESTI Department, African Union Commission | Tel: +251 115 517 700 |