The Pan African University (PAU) is the culmination of continental initiatives of the Commission of the African Union to revitalize higher education and research in Africa, under the Second Decade of Education for Africa and the consolidated Plan of Action of Science and Technology for Africa. It will exemplify excellence, enhance the attractiveness and global competitiveness of African higher education and research and establish the African University at the core of Africa's development.



Academic excellence - Jean Koulidiati appointed as the new rector of the Pan-African University...…
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The newly appointed rector is a University Professor and pedagogic coordinator of the delocalized Master's degree in Management and International Trade at the University of Ouagadougou. This intellectual eminence is going to lead the university…

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Cuvée 2023 de PAUSTI: 39 diplômés de Master et 21 Docteurs

Juja, Kenya : La cérémonie de remise des diplômes aux étudiants de l’Institut de l’Université panafricaine pour les Sciences fondamentales, la technologie et l’innovation s’est déroulée le vendredi 23 juin 2023, sur le campus principal de Juja au…

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Graduation Ceremony - PAUSTI Class of 2023: 39 Master’s and 21 PhDs
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Juja, Kenya: The graduation ceremony for students at the Pan African University Institute for Basic Science, Technology and Innovation took place on Friday, June 23, 2023, at the main campus in Juja, Kenya. During the ceremony, which was held in…

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The Rectorate is responsible for the daily management of the PAU and is headed by the Rector who is the Chief Executive Officer of the PAU.

At the Malabo Summit held in June 2015, African Heads of State and Government adopted Decision EX.CL/Dec.829 to host the Rectorate of the Panafrican University. Following this decision, a high level panel was set up by Decision EX.CL/Dec.829  (XXV) to designate the country that will host the PAU Rectorate. Considering the report by this panel, the Executive Council selected Cameroon as host country and recommended the designation of Cameroon by the Ordinary session of the African Union Assembly who endorsed the selection in January 2016.

The Pan African University is a flagship project of the African Union

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