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The guidance and coaching session took place on 10 August 2022, in the University of Abomey-Calavi.

Chaired by Dr. Albert Koukpossi, lecturer and researcher at the English Department of the University of Abomey-Calavi, the session brought together young ladies and gnetlemen from all over the country and four guest speakers, who graduated from PAUTRAIN (PAUGHSS’s translation, interpretation and intercultural communication studies branch).

In a five-hour discussion, these PAU Alumni of the 2015, 2018 and 2019 badges, provided useful tips to successfully go about the application procedure to the Pan African University. 
A professional translator, Noble Adoukpe presented the Pan-African University and its advantages, as well as offered a live tutorial to guide participants althrough the application process. 

Christel da Costa, also a professional translator, demonstrated how to prepare the pre-selection interview that is conducted for the translation and conference interpreting applicants. While describing the written and oral tests, he urged students to really get started for this examination, as « the Pan African University scholarships are marked by a huge competitiveness ».

Participants were also drilled on the opportunities and openings in the translation and conference interpreting job market. This talk was conducted by Michael Sefandè Issohatè, a conference interpreter. Speaking of the advantages offered by the Pan-African University to its graduates, he disclosed that they could easily have access to job opportunities at the national and international levels and as such, collaborate with professional translators and interpreters from all walks of life. 
The counselling ended with a question/answer session where Rachad Ayasse, conference interpreter, together with his colleagues, tried to clear up participants’ concerns and doubts in relation to the various presentations. 

Some parents, who also took part in this gathering, expressed their utmost satisfaction at the quality of the discussion. 
The call for scholarships to the Pan African University opened last 15 July 2022, and will be due on 15 September 2022. According to records of 8 August 2022, 2,921 applications from 50 countries have already been received, with 2,439 in Masters and 482 in Ph.D. programmes.