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Ibadan: Nigeria: On 16 and 17 November 2022

Ibadan: Nigeria: On 16 and 17 November 2022, the Pan African University Institute for Life and Earth Sciences including Health and Agriculture (PAULESI) organized respectively the graduation ceremony of its Master’s and PhD students. 

The event was graced with the presence of the President and Vice-president of the PAU Council: Prof. Kenneth Matengu and Prof. Amany Abdallah El-Sharif, as well as PAU Rectorate staff.
In prelude to these ceremonies, the President of the PAU Council signed the certificates of the 104 graduands including 77 Master’s graduates (49 male and 28 female) and 27 PhD graduates out of which 22 male and 5 female graduates. This makes a ratio of 31% female graduates this year.
Another colourful event organized on the eve of the Master’s graduation was the Innovation Showcase and Space Launch organized by PAULESI students. Sponsored by the African Development Bank, this event aimed to stimulate the innovative spirit of PAULESI students to find adequate solutions to African challenges.
Following the showcase, PAULESI’s Centre of Excellence (CoE) was officially launched. Hosted in the newly built PAULESI administrative block, this Centre offers a multimedia room with top-notch equipment.

On 16 November 2022, was held the graduation of Master’s students. This ceremony was coupled with the convocation ceremony of the host university: the University of Ibadan, which was also celebrating the 74th anniversary of its foundation. 

Several prizes were awarded to the best students in each area of specialty. It is worth noting that the overall PAULESI best student this year is female and is named PEARL AMA NDO, from Ghana. She is a graduand from the Geoscience programme and was majoring in Mineral exploration. She was given a round of applause for her outstanding academic performance. 

On 17 November, PhD graduates were honoured. The ceremony started with an opening prayer and singing of anthems (Nigeria, AU, University of Ibadan), followed by the introduction of guests and graduands. A couple of remarks were made including the opening statement by the President of the PAU Council. The issuing of awards and certificates was made by the President of the PAU Council, who also cut the graduation cake accompanied the Vice President of the PAU Council.
Another interesting event organized following the graduation ceremony was the establishment of the PAULESI alumni association with the setting of its bureau.

The Pan African University wishes well to all the graduands and urges them to be the future problem solvers of the continent.  

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